Cyclones and Red Raiders – Ten Years After “The Run”

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September 29, 2012 by MarkHanrahan20

Iowa State vs. Texas Tech – Ten Years After “The Run”

Wow, ten years.  This hits hard because I remember that day well and it was my last real year of college.  Here are a few other random memories from that game…

-Iowa State Baseball is really gone… Iowa State baseball had just been about six months before this game and our former short stop had transferred to Texas Tech.  He came back for the game, bringing a few of his new teammates.  They were fun guys and we had a great weekend, but just another sign that baseball was really gone at ISU

-Wes Welker doesn’t fair catch.  Five punt returns for 50+ yards, no fair catches, including one inside the five.  Dude either had the green light or was crazy… I’m guessing crazy

-Both offenses were relatively quiet until “The Run”.  Remember, it was only 3-3 in the third quarter when Seneca broke loose.  Mike Leach’s high powered offense ended the game with only 17 points

-HELLO ERIN ANDREWS – This was probably the best part of the game.  As a rookie sideline reporter, Erin Andrews was working the game for TBS.  During downtime, she would sit right by us in the North bleachers.  While I have no pictures to show, dammit! I did get some small talk in and discovered our time in Gainesville overlapped and we knew some of the same people. 

-It was the moment Seneca Wallace went from legend to icon.  I think it takes a signature moment for a player to go from legend to icon, this was it for Wallace

                Here’s the run…

Jamie Pollard is NOT Going to Nebraska

Sorry to break it to you Husker fans, but you will never be the same Nebraska team that won multiple National Championships. That team was built on partial qualifiers and nearly unlimited scholarships.  Take away those and you are just another average to above average football program with great Olympic sports and a big budget.  IF Pollard leaves and I think that’s a pretty big if, it will be to a program that can move him to the absolute top and Nebraska just isn’t that job. 


Iowa at a Crossroads

It’s a little early for most teams to hit the turning point of the season, but this Minnesota game is just that for the Hawkeyes.  IF they want to have ANY chance at a bowl game they will need to win today.  Right now they look like a young, undisciplined team, but we have seen Ferentz turn that kind of thing around in-season, but do they have the talent to compete all year?  Minnesota looks to be the kind of young up-and-coming team a program like Iowa absolutely does not want to face at this point in the season, but are they really on the upswing, or just a product of an easy schedule?  There will be a lot of eyes in the Midwest on this game and it should be an interesting one.


Ryder Cup Weekend

I absolutely love the Ryder Cup.  I love taking a bunch of guys who are otherwise fighting for themselves week after week and asking them to do it for the team.  The crowds have always been crazy, but ever since the Americans were criticized for “over-celebrating” that passion seems to be ramped up.  I REALLY wish I could be at MEdinah this week, but I guess I will have to wait for 2016.  Go Team USA!


Weekly Pick Seven – (Last week 4-3, Season 14-6-1)

Last week was the roughest week I had so far, but I think that is mainly because I decided to put a little more money where my mouth was… Luckily I had K-State outright!

Iowa State (+1) over Texas Tech – I don’t think we have seen a crowd get like it will tonight and the defense will feed off of it.  I think the offense will do just enough to gain the edge over the Red Raiders. Iowa State 31 Texas Tech 28

Iowa and Minnesota UNDER 44.5 – Welcome to Big Ten football.  A low scoring slugfest pillowfight but Iowa pulls out the win.  Iowa 23 Minnesota 14

Missouri (Pk) over Central Florida – Missouri gets a bit of a break from SEC play to go on the road in the SEC Light.  Central Florida has been loading up on talent, but they are still Central Florida.  Missouri 31  UCF 17

Ohio State (Pk) over Michigan State – Kirk Cousins doesn’t reside in Lansing anymore and Michigan State just isn’t the same without him.  This just comes down to talent and Ohio State has more.  Ohio State 34 Michigan State 19

Florida State (-15) over South Florida – I kinda wish I could watch this game with Jim Leavitt, who was a thorn in the side of the Florida big three both on the field and in recruiting.  Since they let him go, the Bulls are losing to teams like Ball State… Seminoles roll.  Florida State 42 – South Florida 17

Texas (+1) over Oklahoma State – The Longhorns aren’t back, but they are tiptoeing the edge.  The Cowboys are finding that life isn’t fun after losing a few first round draft picks.  Longhorns win outright.  Texas 27 Oklahoma State 17

Nebraska (-11.5) over Wisconsin – I know I just spent some time in the body of this blog saying why Nebraska isn’t that special anymore, but they are certainly better than a Wisconsin team with a ton of problems.  Huskers win easy.  Nebraska 31 Wisconsin 16




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