Tuesday Brewsday – Hub City Snowbunny Ale


January 18, 2011 by MarkHanrahan20


For the second installment of my Tuesday Brewsday series I stumbled upon the Snowbunny Ale from Hub City Brewery in Stanley, Ia.  Snowbunny Ale is Hub City’s only seasonal offering from this small brewery, and to be honest, I bought it for the label.  I was expecting a traditional winter or holiday ale, with flavors of ginger and cinnamon, but that wasn’t what I got at all.  In fact, the beer tasted just like a Werther’s Orginal with caramel and very strong vanilla flavors.  At first taste, I was really caught off guard and really didn’t think I would like it, but by the time I finished the bottle I was kind of impressed.  Unfortunately, both beers I tried from this batch came off a little flat.  I also bought a sample pack of other Hub City brews to be reviewed later and it came off flat too, something that seems to happen from time to time with small breweries.  Maybe it’s poor quality caps or bottles, but in this case it really ruined an otherwise great beer.


The company’s page for Snowbunny Ale says that the beer “exhibits pleasant notes of caramel with a heady vanilla nose which play against a creamy background. Enjoy it on its own or after a meal for the perfect dessert” and I couldn’t agree more.  While this seasonal Ale certainly get’s a perfect score for their label art, my overall score falls flat (literally) to an average 3 out of 6 rating.  Had the beer had a little more carbonation, we’re probably looking at a 5.


One thought on “Tuesday Brewsday – Hub City Snowbunny Ale

  1. Hub City beers get mixed reviews among my hard core beer-lovin friends. I’ve tried it a couple of times and its OK, but I think it might have also had the issue you mentioned, being kind of flat. It is on my list to really try in earnest after I get through some other Iowa beers later this month.

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