I’m a Blogger?


December 9, 2010 by MarkHanrahan20

I’m a blogger…I’m a blogger? Finally, after about two years of intending to start a blog, here it goes. Just over two years ago, I wrote some MLB playoff to post on http://www.cyclonefanatic.com/ and from what I could tell, they were pretty well received. About a week after that, I was approached by a group about contributing to an online sports community of websites and running the baseball portion. Needless to say, this idea had me pretty excited, I would get to share my opinions and views and have a chance to write from the perspective of someone who has played the game at a high level. Unfortunately, the website plan fell through, and my enthusiasm towards writing crashed.

Then came September, when two of the most popular sports radio hosts in Des Moines decided that they were stepping back from their show to focus on other interests in family. Now, I’m not going to say that I have “always wanted to be in sports radio” because I haven’t always listened to sports radio. In fact, I really didn’t know of its existence until about half way through college. Anyhow, once I was exposed to this outlet, I knew it was something I had an interest in. That summer, before my senior year of college, I was playing with the Brainerd Mighty Gulls in the Northwoods League, a college summer baseball league that mimics the life of minor league baseball. I bugged the owners and play-by-play guy to let me do color for the games on the days I wasn’t starting, and they eventually caved. But, back to the point, the radio station, 1460 KXnO announced that they were going to have open, on air tryouts. I was approached with the possibility of trying out and of course jumped right at it. We had a blast preparing the show and the two hours went by entirely too fast. Obviously, we didn’t get the gig and it went to a duo who had MUCH more experience, but if anything came from it, I caught the bug to get my thoughts and opinions back out in the open for people to see.

So, about the name… Ty Webb is the character played by Chevy Chase in the Caddy Shack movies and really, what guy wouldn’t want to be him, at least for a day, or maybe a week. Plus, not everyone knows exactly who Ty is, so maybe it will bring them to ask, or at least drum up some curiosity. There really isn’t a ‘theme’ to this blog, even though everyone is telling me that you have to pick a topic and stick with it. I can tell you, it will be a lot about sports, with a heavy emphasis on Baseball and the sports scene in the state of Iowa. But, there will also be a number of posts about food, with both my own cooking and local cuisine. I’ll also be hitting on travel, travel around sports, and DIY projects. A friend of mine mentioned that this blog will likely be a “Man’s man” blog but written so women can figure out what makes us so strange. I’m sure things will start slow as I am still trying to get the hang of all of this and to be honest, it can be a little intimidating. Over time, I will clean up the page and make it more presentable and hopefully my writing skills will develop over time as well. So hang with me, I hope you’ll like it…


7 thoughts on “I’m a Blogger?

  1. Keely says:

    Good luck with the blog, Mark! I’ve been contemplating starting one for months. Maybe yours will inspire me to finally take action. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on our beloved Cyclones. Go State!

  2. Dunn says:

    Good luck! Stick with it! Make time to write everyday 🙂 I can’t wait to get some insight on how men think 😉

  3. Gabbo says:

    If you start focusing on the Cyclones too much, I will be forced to make inflammatory comments and degrade you mercilessly…think of it as Hawkeye fan’s support of you and a way to spur you on to write bigger and better topics. Next topic…give some pub to Peace Tree brewery in Knoxville…not sure why I bring it up, but DAMN DELICIOUS BEER…would probably go well w/ ChiliStreak2010…

  4. Chris Juhl says:

    Love it and all topics I am interested in, I look forward to see what you come up with week to week. And if you let me guest blog when you go big-time, I will write under the name Carl Spackler #loveCaddyShack

  5. Michael Schmidt says:

    Looking forward to posts / pics of Lacey Underalls. Judge Smails – RIP.

  6. Good luck with your blog!

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